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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide academic consulting and tutoring that engages our students as whole and dynamic people. Just as a wheel rolls with many spokes acting together, all aspects of an individual - personal, professional, social, and communal - are harmonized in a full and balanced life.

For us, this means an extraordinary approach to tutoring and consulting in which we create personalized programs that are unique to each student. Our previous experience has shown us how consulting and tutoring that only address performance and grades are not sufficient for long-term student growth.

We specialize in building students’ academic and personal self-esteem, bridging the complex aspects of their lives, and providing honest, relatable guidance for the future. Our teaching interweaves these focuses with constant attention to traditional and current standards of excellence. Our service model allows for the formation of effective, long-lasting relationships.

As part of our comprehensive approach, we include free sessions with parents/guardians. We view these meetings as essential opportunities to widen our scope of support. Since the multifaceted lives of students involve and intersect with those of their family, we meet with a student’s important adults to set goals, share updates, unite expectations, and provide methods for constructive contributions.

In addition to our services, we create free, interactive resources for students and families. These resources are intended to target areas of particular need in the populations we serve and to supplement our teaching. Our resources are easy to access, use, and share.


As Spokes on a Wheel expands its community, we hope to offer panels, workshops and other shared experiences that reach beyond our private sessions.

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