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Last updated: Jan 9, 2024


Our working days are Sunday through Thursday. These are the days we provide services, respond to messages, and handle rescheduling or cancellation requests.


Our email for all general inquiries is Our business number is 510-500-5482.

Sessions and Pricing

Our rate is $90 per one-on-one session and $60 per group session. Sessions are 50 minutes.

  • For every 6 student sessions in a purchase, one 25-minute parent session is included.

  • We consider discounted pricing based on financial need.


Sessions should be used within a reasonable timeframe after purchase.


Advance payment is expected. Unlimited advance purchases can be made. Payments can be made here.


All sessions are scheduled on Calendly. You can book one-on-one sessions from 6 weeks in advance until a day before start time. Please book with the host assigned to you, and contact us if you have difficulty finding a time. For group sessions, we book for you after payment is received.

On Calendly, time slots are divided into in-person and virtual sessions. If you are in the California Bay Area, you can book either type, according to your preference and convenience. If you are located anywhere else, please book a virtual session.

Calendly Details

Joshua’s Calendly link

Zoe’s Calendly link


Calendly delivers email confirmations and 24-hour reminders for each session. From these emails, you can add event details to most calendar applications. If you aren’t receiving these emails, check that isn’t going to spam.

Referral Bonus

We award you a free one-on-one session for each referral who purchases a one-on-one session.

Canceling and Rescheduling

Cancellation notices should be sent to 510-500-5482 or your tutor’s Spokes email address.


Sessions can be canceled due to emergencies without penalty, and we will work closely with you to reschedule. Notice should still be provided prior to session start time.


Sessions can be canceled by email notification for non-emergency reasons at least 2 working days in advance. Sessions that are canceled late or no-showed are lost.

Concluding Services

You may conclude services at any time by emailing us. Advance notice is appreciated. Please keep in mind that results take time, and if issues arise, we request the opportunity to work through them with you.

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