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Our services are available in-person to California Bay Area residents, and virtually to everyone. We welcome students of all ages.

We provide personalized, comprehensive guidance that leads to lasting academic success and confidence.

Academic Consulting

We offer a range of one-on-one consulting services to students with a variety of needs and goals. Our work extends beyond the classroom to encompass fundamental academic and personal competencies, and provides students with tangible skills.


  • Support and strategies for most learning differences

  • Recovering knowledge gaps, including pandemic-related deficits

  • Executive function and project management

  • Resume building and editing

  • Applying to fellowships and scholarships

  • Gap-years and post-school plans

  • Additional options and custom services by request


We offer additional sessions with parents in order to co-create healthy expectations and provide students with multi-faceted support.

Our one-on-one lessons prepare students for the highest levels of comprehension and assurance.


Our teaching supports every student in achieving genuine understanding and independent interest. We promote comfort and competence with each topic as the best means to excellent performance and long-term student growth. 


We tutor students of all ages in:


  • All levels of math and physics

  • English, writing, and reading comprehension

  • Essay planning, writing and editing

  • AP, IB, Honors, and college courses and exams

  • Spanish and Hebrew language and culture

  • Additional topics by request

We have extensive experience working with a variety of learning differences. 

Our start-to-finish approach equips students with readiness to master all aspects of the SAT and ACT.

Test Prep

Year-round, we help students feel ready for every aspect of the SAT and ACT. By determining key improvement areas, considering external factors, and discussing overarching goals, we deliver specialized and exhaustive instruction to each student. The quality of our method is set apart through:


  • Guidance in choosing the SAT or ACT and signing up for a test(s)

  • Conversations with students and parents about hopes, worries, and expectations

  • Evaluating competencies and challenge areas

  • Ensuring familiarity with test rules, scoring, and topic frequency

  • Custom study roadmaps and targeted homework

  • Teaching primarily from real test documents

  • Timed sections and practice with permitted tools

  • Structured, low-stress lead-up to test day

  • Follow-up meeting and support after a test


We work with students at any point in their test prep journey. In keeping with our vision, we help students balance test prep with other obligations. When desired, we design custom plans that integrate test prep with subject tutoring or consulting.

We collaborate with students on works of writing of all kinds, from ideation to submission.

Essays & Applications

Whether working on an essay, application, or other written piece, we focus on finding and refining a student’s individual expression. We guide students to combine their unique voice with impeccable writing to create standout essays and applications.

We encourage and support the development of a strong writing foundation that carries over into future projects. This includes teaching effective storytelling, outlining and organizing, mechanics, research and citations, and more. We cover many kinds of writing and applications, such as:

  • Academic assignments

  • Personal statements

  • Supplemental college essays

  • Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Study abroad and Gap year programs

  • Cover letters and Portfolios

  • Additional topics by request

When assisting with applications, we help students craft and complete projects on a designated timeline. We offer start-to-finish support through the application process, providing additional recommendations and resources as necessary.

We teach small groups and classes with 2-4 students by request.

Groups & Classes

We understand that learning can be more beneficial and fun when done in a group. When families request these options, we work together to form a group or class drawn from their contacts and ours.


Groups look much like one-on-one tutoring, but with multiple students present during the sessions. Classes provide students with a pre-planned curriculum and up-front number of sessions. Most of our classes run for 6 or 10 weeks, once a week, in-person or virtually.

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