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on a Wheel

Consulting and Tutoring
for the Whole Student

Accepting new students to start now. Availability Sun-Thu, 9am - 9pm!

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide consulting and tutoring that engages our students as whole and dynamic people. Just as a wheel rolls with many spokes acting together, all aspects of an individual are harmonized in a full and balanced life.

Free Trial Session

We offer a free trial session to ensure that we are a great fit for you. Sign up below for a 20-minute intro call where we'll discuss exactly what you need. After this call, your trial session is free!


We offer a wide range of academic consulting, tutoring, and test prep services both in-person (to the California Bay Area) and virtually. We work with students of all ages and offer curated options for students in grades K-12. In keeping with our vision to support the whole student, we include collaborative sessions with parents/guardians. 

Consulting & Support

  • Support and strategies for learning differences

  • Executive function and project management

  • Recovering knowledge gaps and deficits

  • Essay writing and applications

  • Resumes, gap-years and post-school plans

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Tutoring & Test Prep

  • All levels of math and physics

  • English, writing, and essays

  • Comprehensive SAT and ACT test prep

  • AP, IB, Honors, and college courses

  • Spanish and Hebrew language - and more!

Preview our top offerings


We provide targeted, interactive resources like age-specific resume templates and detailed academic guides for students and families.

Our students have support for

Meet Our Team


Joshua Heller

Educator | Curriculum | Operations


Zoe Eden Hertz

Educator | Onboarding | Outreach


"We are beyond grateful for the work Joshua has done with our son. Joshua was able to quickly build a rapport and discern where he could be most helpful. He repeatedly exhibits patience and support regardless of the situation. His varied interests make a difference in his ability to connect with students."

- Elizabeth

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